Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Weigh In

I was up .6 for this weeks' W.I. I'm not even upset about it because I know exactly what caused it. I ate like a fool last Friday, and spent every day at the gym this week trying to get rid of the evidence. Both Saturdays and Sundays were insane workouts. I spent 3 1/2 hrs each day there, which amounted to 1200 calorie burn offs each day. The rest of the week I just continued with my usual hour in the morning.

It was a quiet Friday night in, I rented some movies and popped by the grocery store for some dinner items. I ended up buying a ristorante pizza (those delicious Dr. Oetker ones)with the intention of only cooking part of it. Well, the obvious part is that I ended up eating the entire thing to myself, drinking an obscene amount of diet coke, and thawing out some two-bite brownies that were hiding in the freezer. Who knew those things were 140 calories! I did up my weights by 2.5 kg on most of the equipment so I could claim that there's some added muscle mass that may be this weeks' guest on the scale show.

Went to the movies Saturday night, brought along some Weight Watchers pretzels, and we bought our own candy. I picked up a single serving-sized bag of Swedish Berries. Better than a chocolate bar, right? WRONG. I ate the berries thinking I was having a light guilty snack but I was so wrong. Later on that night I took out the crumpled wrapper from my purse to read the nutritional info. Ready for this? 240 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's approximately 20 little gummies in the bag. Sneaky little devils! I would have thought 80 cals at most. I guess this was a reality check that I needed:make sure there's money in the bank before writing a cheque.

Had another crazy workout today and I'm dead tired. I'm supposed to go to the movies again tonight and you can bet I won't be buying any Swedish Berries! I'm supposed to go out bar hopping after, but I have to do some new software testing for work and the testing starts at 4:00 a.m. In theory, I could drag my butt from the bar to my computer. The reality: I do have to be alert and sober.

Really pumped for a successful week. Our leader will be away for an undisclosed period of time and I'm not the replacements biggest fan. She talks quite a bit about herself and I miss the class participation. A lot of people are feeling the same. I may just go W.I on Thursday night instead, but I'd be losing a W.I day.

So despite a teeny weeny gain, I had an on point "business week" and was a little gym bunny.
Happy week end everyone!


Natalia said...

You'll have that .6 off in no time! :) Good for you on all the workouts, need to follow your lead. My goal was to get to the gym 4 times this week, made it twice and I'm hoping to go today! Depending on hubby's work schedule, no child care at the gym on Sundays. But there is a gym at my apt complex, so really NO excuses! Have a great day! :)

Karen said...

When I didn't like the leader, I didn't go to the meetings. Skipping meetings was never good for me. LOL.

I am proud of your gym time.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

To me, this is simply evidence that working out has it rewards!

Anonymous said...

Keep hopping, you little gym bunny! LOL

You've had some pretty awesome workouts! Congrats on that.

Fat4Now said...

You're still doing great
and you're looking gorgeous