Friday, March 6, 2009

All better

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post- I'm getting sloppy! I`ve been thinking about everyone here and wondering how you`ve been doing weight loss/workout/motivation/everything-wise.

It took me a full week to get over my bug. I dragged my congested head in to WW last Saturday and was mildly surprised (relieved may actually be a better adjective) to find out that I was only up 1 lb. The freakishly alarming #'s that I spoke of earlier appeared to be around the 5+ range. I figured this could just be due to the added weight I was carrying around in my sinuses. I seemed to have been going through a box of tissue every day. I'm so thankful that's over!

Went to Weight Watchers at lunch today to weigh in and was down 2 lbs. I'm very happy and am inching my way closer to being out of this weight "decade". I've got a mild case of the when-will-winter-end blues and have been feeling kind of bummy. My workload is getting lighter and although I'm grateful for this, not to mention the fact that I work in the financial sector and I still have a job, but I still feel a little glum. I don't feel appreciated at the office. I've been putting in a ton of extra hours and I've been pretty much carrying the workload of five people. I do this because I care about what I do and I want to make sure our clients are well taken care of, but at the same time it would be really nice to get a mere thank you from my manager or some sort of acknowledgement for my efforts. Something as simple as "your hard work is appreciated" is all it takes. I'm not asking for a raise, or a big song and dance, but just a little appreciation would make all the difference.

To some extent, I feel like because I've shown them just how much I can do and am a constant over-achiever that I've somehow set this expectation from management. Even though others can get away with doing the bare minimum, I'm depended on to exceed and carry the weight. If one day I'm working at 190% instead of my average 200, eyebrows are raised.

Ah, I'll stop whining. The grass is pretty green on my side, I've just got to stop looking at everything in black and white.

Springs around the corner, I'll start to feel alive again. The countdown to flip flops begins!


Jen said...

Welcome back - lol

I know what you mean about peoples expectations of you. My husband is always saying not to let people know all the things you can do or you will always be asked. Its hard though, as women we are natural 'pleasers'.

I also have the when-will-the-winter-end blues, but this weekend is supposed to be very nice. can't wait!

Great job on the 2 lb loss!!!

MeltingLisa said...

Yay sloppy indead! hahaha I miss your posts .... although I am a once a week blogger so I totally understand time crunches.

I totally get what you are saying about feeling appreciated. I work in the not for profit sector, and there is a huge difference to the coporate world, I think it's because we don't get paid as much so traditionally we get recognition in other smaller ways, I have a pinboard and work which is full of thank you cards, and those mean more to me than any bonus, okay maybe both would be nice!

You stick with your work eithic hun, it's who you are, just try not let them take advantage of you.

And yeahhhh roll on Spring!

Amy S. said...

Glad to hear things are back on track. Keep your head up, spring is rolling in!

SeaShore said...

Glad you're feeling better and congrats on the weigh in :)

Karyn said...

It is nice to have verbal appreciation, but you could look at it this way.... The fact that you can be counted on to give over and above could very well mean that you get to remain employed when others are laid off (as seems to be happening way too much everywhere)

Glad you are feeling better!

KaNtWheYt2012 said...

Great blog and very motivating. I read about your blog on another weight loss blog ( I'll visit again soon. Happy losing!

Natalia said...

Hey Welcome back! I've been having a hard time with the blogging too. Congrats on your 2 lbs down. Hopefully spring will be here before you know it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! Glad to hear you are feeling better! =)

Carolina Girl said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! I like that countdown to flip flops! :)

Gypsy said...

It's hot as hell here, I am counting down the days to winter when I can cover myself up!!!