Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm off from work today. The tickle in my throat last night developed in to OMV (old man's voice). It hurts to breathe,cough,talk etc. My whole body is aching. Felt strange to call in sick. It's not something I ever do. Was hoping I could make it in to March without catching a winter cold. Ah well.

The scale is showing some freakishly alarming numbers. At least I'm not hungry! Today will be a day of tea and rest. Hopefully I'll be back in good enough shape tomorrow.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Up .8. I know it could just be muscle gain, or water retention from TOM's imminent arrival, but it still has me growling! Just frustrating when you're on track and you're working out 5 days a week.

Oh well! I'm not going to let this throw me over. I had two weeks of nice numbers so next week will be even better.

I weighed in Friday morning because I knew I'd be going out last night and I wanted to be able to sleep in today, as much as I love my 9:00 a.m. Saturday W.I's. I may or may not have had 3-4 smirnoff ice's. I may or may not have indulged in finger foods at the bar such as calamari, cheese and bread, and pickles. I may or may not have had a big mac combo at 3 a.m. either or too.

I may or may not be rather upset with myself for allowing myself to eat such junk. I have absolutely no restraint while under the influence (when it comes to food choices).

I am definitely going to eat well today. I am certainly going to the gym this afternoon. I am most likely going to just get over what I did and realize that I can indulge every so often. A year ago, I would have had no qualms with any of it! I did eat well during the day on Friday so it's not completely terrible!

Today is a fresh start. Cheers to being on track! - and yes, that's a glass of water I'm holding up!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still truckin'

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I work such long hours and send about 100 e-mails a day out that I hardly feel like writing at the end of it. Thankfully, the workload seems to be lessening and I'm starting to see the light.

I was down 1.8 on Saturday which is just great. I've lost more weight in the last two weeks than I have December/January combined. I'm definitely officially back in the groove of things and I'm pumped. I've been thinking a lot lately about where I am in my life and where I want to be. I'm going to really buckle down and keep focused. I wanted to be at goal by May. I've now realized that May is really just around the corner, and it while it is possible, losing another 40 lbs by then is just unrealistic and unhealthy.

My goals aren't really all about the number on the scale anymore. I'm focused on challenging myself physically to be in the best shape my body can be, as well as eliminating a large percentage of processed foods and eating a more natural diet. Sugar substitues and 100 calorie packs have been a great crutch for getting me where I am today, but again, they're crutches and I want to eliminate them from my diet. I've got to rid myself of the training wheels!

Still going to the gym Mon-Thur in the morning, and then again on Saturdays. Feels great. Been doing a lot of cardio and really working the triceps. I don't want to have flappy arms so I'm doing what I can to eliminate the dammage I've done and prevent any further. I can already see definition in my biceps. Who knew there were muscles under there!

And bless this machine: Wave . Wanna have some killer thighs & buns? This baby will do it!

Ok, I'm seriously going to go catch up on my blog reading.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All work and no play makes me... lose weight!

Saturday Mornings' Weigh In, in the words of Borat, was a Great Success! I was down 4.6 this week! I haven't seen these kind of numbers in months! Thrilled is I! This is just the type of result I needed to see to keep me motivated.

Here are some wedding pics from December. I can already see a visible difference in my appearance since then.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'Tis the season to go crazy fa la la la la.....

If it wasn't for going to the gym in the morning, I'd be one unhappy camper. The Y keeps me sane. I've been basically working round the clock thank you tax season. Clients have received there statements and only now have realized that the market took a hit and want to know why and where and who. BOO. I work from 8-4 at the office, and then log back in at home until I go to bed around 11. It's a bit crazy but someone has got to do the work. I am proud to say that my runners are on the treadmill at 6:15 a.m. sharp. I need this and will continue to go. It's now part of my routine.

Been sticking to the plan. Eating well, and well, working my ASS off- literally. I was up 1.8 lbs last week which was slightly discouraging because I tracked,worked out and followed the plan to a T. This is the first time where I could say that I honestly did do everything and still gained. The answer to that equation is simple: (eating the allowed points) + (tracking all my points) - (TOM)-(a new fitness routine) = GAIN.

I've been monitoring the scale at home and looks like this Saturday's W.I will be a good one.

Back to work for me- but first I must catch up on my blog reading/commenting.