Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I can see it in your face too.

I witnessed quite the interaction yesterday. A colleague of mine is doing the Smart For Life Weight Loss plan. This is a diet where you eat six cookies per day, and a lean meal at night.
Although I somewhat disapprove of this "get thin quick" scheme, she's doing fantastic and sticking to her guns. Sure, the weight loss is much faster than Weight Watchers, but Smart for Life is a diet whereas Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change. Her intentions are to drop a large portion of weight to start on this regime, and then switch to WW. She's lost just as much weight as I have in half the time, but she's completely miserable.

I feel bad for her when I see her practically holding her nose to somehow swallow these revolting looking cookies. Sure you can alternate between the cookies and the shakes, but it all boils down to a controlled calorie intake of 800 Calories per day. NOT HEALTHY. This is her business and she can do as she wishes but hopefully she won't be disapointed in the end.

So now back to where I started. Our manager has been out of the office for a few weeks (yay.happy.joy!). She happened to come by our work stations yesterday, and I see her start to do the most annoying thing ever. She stops, tilts her head sideways, back to the other direction, and just stares at my colleague. I just waited for her to open her mouth. 15 seconds later, the inevitable happened. "Did you lose weight?I can see it in your face". We both looked at each other slightly amused. Her response was a simply and tactful "Yes I did and thank you". I could see that our manager quickly got the message and decided not to pursue further with the what I call the Triple H question: How, How much, and How long have you been doing it. SUCCESS!

I've lost a whopping 32 lbs to date. I'm 16 away from my mini-goal as it stands. Last night was a difficult one, but I plan on making up for it today. I had eaten my dinner, and had 3 pts left for snacking. Great. The phone rings, and some friends of mine wanted me to join them out for dinner. I told them that I had already eaten, but would love to be in their company as it was only 7 PM. We get to the restaurant, and the food devil apparently came and sat right next to me. I open the menu and start salivating. I gave in and ordered! Shame on me, however the way I look at it, it could have been a lot worse. I ordered a chicken souvlaki which equates to 7 pts. Ok so I went 4 pts over, but I also count my morning coffees (I'm not sure how a table spoon of milk accounts for 1 pt but I do count it). So if we delete the coffee, I went over by 3 pts. Today will be a better day. I will go for a run, and I will swim. I am determined! I want to lose 3 lbs this week and I'm going to do what it takes to achieve this. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

ewww there is one of those smart for life cookie joints by my house, i always wondered what they were all about. Good job on the loss thus far! As for me, I am stuck in a MAJOR rut! Congrats to you!

a1-notebook said...

I have been on the Smart for life cookie diet for a few months I have lost 20 pounds. The cookies do take some getting used to but the other stuff they offer helps alot the soups are real real good. Alos on the cookies if you either microwave or freeze them it helps alot and seems to change the flavor.