Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boo to Weight Gains!

So I'm up 2.6 this week. I'm not going to beat myself up about it - I deserved it! The Miss " I love to run" of last week was Miss " I have cramps and I'm staying put on the couch" this week.

This was a terrible T.O.M. The water retention was absolutely insane. Now that I'm thinner, I can actually note swelling, and boy was it there. I noted a 5 lb weight increase on one day alone. I know very well to avoid salts, but the TOM devil spoke louder than my logic. I was not on track this week. I tracked breakfast & lunch, but somehow left out dinner & the snacks that followed. All I wanted to eat was chocolate/salt/sweet carbs. I swear if there was such thing as a Deep-fried chocolate covered salt cube, I would have been all over it!

I will be on track this week. I feel pumped. This was just a minor set back, and the W.I that follows TOM is usually a very very good one. I usually have 3-4 lb losses so I'll kick some but and make sure of it!

The Bachelorette part was a B-L-A-S-T!!!! I'm glad that we got to treat my friend like a real princess and have a real girls night. I'll try to post some pics soon.

Have a great week everyone! Don't do what I did!

OOPS. Forgot to add this link:


You might be a scale-freak if, prior to hopping on your scale:

I read this post over an hour ago and I'm still giggling.


carla said...

delurking to say you SO HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.

(and to say you crack me the hell up--but that's a different story)

tomorrow is a new week (lets start it on sunday :)) youre on track and pumped.

it's gonna be a great one.


Fat Free Me said...

LOVE your blog title. Did you ever get the, "You have such a pretty face!" comments too, when someone was trying to compliment your good looks but didn't want to reference your shape at the time? Love those...well, maybe they don't want to come out with what a friend's husband does: "Wow, your butt has shrunk!!" :) I'm inspired by your success so far, and cheering you on!!

nmburleson said...

I love your attitude!! Life is going to happen sometimes and you are doing a great job getting right back on track.