Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of my closest childhood friends got married yesterday, and the Wedding absolutely wonderful!

I am so glad I was there to witness their union.

The whole day was really fantastic. I was down 3lbs, so I totally cancelled out last weeks 2.6 gain and then some! I may have just gained it all back at the Wedding though! We did have a 7 course meal, followed by cake & a sweets table! Since I was the designated driver, I didn't drink (although everyone else took huge advantage of the open bar), and I was the designated sweet eater!

One night of good food will not make me have a bad week. I am confident that this week will be another successful weight loss week.
Oh one last thing:
You go Montreal!!


carla said...

and if youre anything as I am this:

One night of good food will not make me have a bad week

will become your *short term mantra*

even just tonight.

putting all that POSITIVE ENERGY out into the world.


Anonymous said...

Awesome attitude, girlie!! Glad you had a great time.

Carolyn said...

I find I balance eating like a pig for one day with a day of exercise and eating just my daily points (WW). If I just eat a bit more htan normal (Half a pizza, or soem chips) then I'm good to go. But I'm relaly happy youre not guilty... tehre's no reason to be! Weddings are suppose to be fun, and I'm glad you enjoyed that one! I'm starting to look forward to mine now, and no longer dreading alll the stuff that has to be done... mostly everythign's done now anyway!!

nmburleson said...

That's a great attitude! Congrats to your friend and to 3lb loss! Woo Hoo!!