Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yay to pedometers!

So I finally bought one! I didn't buy the fancy one from WW, just a very simple and small pedometer from Canadian Tire. $7.00 suits my budget much better than $25, and it does the job!

Going for my evening walk/run is not even a chore right now. I'm really pumped, and I love seeing just how much mileage I can clock in. I'm not like a lot of people who are able to run for extended periods of time. Blame it on having asthma, and the fact that I've never been a runner.

I tend to run in intervals. I'll run for about two full city blocks, slow down to a jog and then to a fast walk. This doesn't sound like much, but I'd like to add that the city is built on a mountain. My entire run/jog/walk begins uphill, and once I'm at the top, I walk my way down.

I'm averaging about 7-7.5 km each night- not too bad for someone who used to be exhausted after walking 1 km.

Was down another 1.8 last week, so I'm almost but almost out of the 190's!

Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the workouts & congrats on the loss! That is great! I have been FORCING myself to jog too, not a favorite past time! But I'm getting there!

nmburleson said...

Hey that is a great work out! It's interval training! I do that on the treadmill at my gym and I monitor my heart rate. I'm not a runner (yet) so I do heavy duty power walking with incline to get my hr up, then I slow it way down for a few minutes.

The group trainer at my gym does that with us too. We'll do a couple of sets of weight training then she'll have us go to the treadmill take it up to a 15 incline for 3 minutes.

Good for you on getting a pedometer you'll be very motivated to see how many steps you can get it!!!

Jordanna said...

I love my pedometer. I like to try to beat my steps from the day before - even if it's just by a few.

Good job on the loss!!

Enjoy the muffins - try not to eat too many, they are delicous.

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous~ congrats!

SeaShore said...

Congrats on your loss this week!!

Christa said...

Way to go on the running--that's great!

Carolyn said...

slow and steady wins the race! I find running outside really intimidating. Ic an run for a half hour inside on my treadmill, but outside scares me. I think I just need a buddy to do it with me.
I envy you and your new found love of running! I miss those days! Keep it up!

butterfly said...

Aww thanks everyone! This support is soooo needed!!