Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Loser:Family Edition Episode 6.7

Ok, was anyone as scandalized as I was last night with Vicky? I'm not her biggest fan to begin with, simply because I don't think she's in the competition for the right reasons. Sure, the cash prize is great, but isn't this a weight loss competition? She's said many times that she wants to win the $$ and she'll do whatever it takes to do so. For this reason, I do not admire her whatsoever & I hope she gets booted off. My eyes welled up with tears at the balance beam competition when she decided to sit out. She turned her nose up at the prize while others shed tears of joy at the thought of seeing their family. A video from home of loved ones was not worth the challenge in her mind. Had it been a 2lb advantage or something different, she would have competed, but a video of people she hadn't seen for 6 weeks was not a good enough prize. Granted this is reality TV, but I'm rooting for the ones that are seeing the big picture of a healthy weight and lifestyle, not dollar signs.


spunkysuzi said...

You know for some reason i really didn't respect her from the beginning. When people were being booted off others were crying or at least not able to look at the person and she was smiling!!

Jen said...

I TOTALLY agree! Se seems so heartless - she has children at home, but a chance to see a video of them was of NO interest to her. I think its obvious that Bob is not a fan of hers either.
Heba is not much better - and not very smart if you ask me, she should have voted to split up Vikki & Brady.
Also, come on - Brady obviously threw the WI to send Amy P home - I really don't like Vikki, Brady or Heba.
I'm hoping that the big surprise weight loss next week is not Brady, but it probably will be since he threw this weeks.

manda31 said...

I am right here with you sister, i already commented a big huge comment on Fat Bridesmaid, and for sake of not repeating myself, i wont do it here!

Fab Kate said...

I think we're all disappointed today. I blogged on the same thing this morning. It pisses me off because this attitude must have come through in casting. The application has extensive questions about your whether you want the money or the weight loss, and how important game play is to you. I guess there are so many of us who are so totally serious about our weight that we get turned off by the reminder that this is a game and a show, and that a lot of this is about drama, not just weight loss.

Heba is a young control freak, and I totally understand where she was coming from, although I don't like it. She could have been smart about it and not lost Amy P or alienated Phil and built a much stronger team.

and of course I've been cheering for Amy and Phil since day one, so I was particularly pissed off by all this.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

What a fabulous new photo in your "About Me" - OK, as for the challenge, so happy to have you! Feel free to add the image, clock, or not. No "must dos" here except to check that page linked to the image on my blog. Going to ask people to keep us informed there on their progress, and also going to list a motivational suggestion for people who want it. Again, no musts here, this is totally subjective. You get out of it what you need to. Mostly because I hate someone trying to tell me what to do so I don't like telling anyone else!

Cindy Swanson said...

I completely agree with you! I blogged about Vicky today also:
Even if editing makes the situation look worse than it really is (as some people on other blogs are suggesting), you couldn't edit the words coming out of Vicky's mouth. She said those words.

nmburleson said...

I haven't been watching this season of biggest loser, but I have to say there is something wrong with a person that has been away from their kids for 6 weeks and doesn't care to see a video of them. Run on sentence or what?

butterfly said...

We're all on the same page. Great to know that I'm not insane lol. Disapointment is in the air!

Spunkysuzi: I didn't like her from the beginning either. Either she has an excellent "poker face" and is able to hide her emotions or she is as we see her: cold as ice.

Jen: I'm no fan of Heba either. I wonder if she watches the show and sees just how manipulative and bossy she is. Hopefully it'll set her straight and possbily make her act differently. I would not be surprised if next week the big weight loss will come from Brady either.

Mandy: LOL. I went to FB's blog and looked up your comment. Great minds think alike :P

Fab kate: You're absolutely right. There is no way that this attitude did not come through during the casting. Sadly, the producers must have seen this and chosen her specifically to create some sort of drama. I really wish they'd take a look at the demographic that watches the show to learn that this is NOT what their viewers want. We want to see results. We want to see motivation, and success.

ATHGIJ: Thanks for the compliment sweets! I'm stopping by your blog to get the count down. We are so on. I love having others out with a common goal and a deadline. Awesome idea!

Cindy: Wow, quite the blog you have. Extremely impressive. Welcome to my blogroll,sister =) Thank you for commenting!

Natalia: Your jaw would have hit the floor when you heard her utter those words. I can't imagine EVER hearing my mom saying that speaking to me or my family would be a lame prize. Her poor,poor children. I hope they don't watch the show. Say hi to years of therapy.

m said...

Good reading here! Thank you!

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