Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day

I had a weekend full of turkey and I went to vote for one today too.

I was in one of those " my vote won't even count so why should I bother" moods when I woke up, but I did it. It's my right as a citizen, and all the votes add up. Just like a 1lb loss X 50 adds up! Every vote does count. I almost opted to turn around and run when I got to the voting station though: It was in the basement a.k.a MORGUE of a retirement home!!! Why I had to go to there and my neighbour was sent to vote at the university next door is beyond me. I made my decision as to who I was voting for only once I had the voting card in my hand. It seems I'm not confident in any politician. I have no faith in any of them. One of the politicians in my riding is a former astronaut, another a former broadcaster. Hmm.... space vs. media... LOL

Hopefully things will change this election & people will start to realize that the Bloc Quebecois is a JOKE. Woops, I let out a political view. Oh well, my blog, my rights =) It's just sad when I think that I disagree with 50% of the population in my province. Scary statistic. Can't wait to see the outcome!!

Thanksgiving was just fantastic. What could be better than great food & time with my family?
The crappy mobile pic above is my plate from dinner at my moms. Ham, Squash,yams,turkey,mashed potatoes,cranberry sauce, and sttufffffinnnggggggg. YUM!


Amy S. said...

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving in the States. Ekks, and election day. I have to make through Halloween and all of its grand chocolate first. Way to go on being so ready for the big holiday! You are doing fabulous.

nmburleson said...

I'm ready for Thanksgiving in the US and some cooler weather. Hope you enjoyed your turkey day!

Heather said...

LOL!!! I did the same thing when I voted yesterday here in Ottawa. Hopefully politics in this country will get better as time goes on. Glad you enjoyed you thanksgiving dinner and still managed to loose this week. Way da go!!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Thank you. *hugs* My problem is I can't have it in the house; if it is in the house, I will eat it. 100 calorie snacks? Will eat entire 700 calorie box of them. I am going to go with the popcorn because it is the least of all evils. And tequila only if they're winning in the 5th inning.

cdblueberry said...

Ha! I think we did collectively elect a flock of turkeys :)