Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Any wagers for my Saturday W.I?

What a wicked week of eating I've had so far. I think TOM's imminent arrival is pulling the strings behind my puppet-like uncontrollable eating. I haven't been eating junk (we are forgetting about the cookie dough that I found in the freezer last Sat that I made & ate all to myself) just a lot. I've had an insatiable appetite since Saturday. There's no space between meals, it's just one continuous track on repeat. My food intake has looked a little something like this, bearing in mind that my daily points allowance is 23:

Wake up with: Tea + WW toast w/ cream cheese: 3 pts
Get to the office: Coffee + 2 mini muffins+ 4 pts
Getting closer to lunch: More WW toast w/ apple butter, banana, 1/2 cup special k: 4 pts
Lunch: TV Dinner, Yogurt, All Bran Bar, Chocolate Single, Apple: 9 pts
Afternoon Snack: Huge cup of tea, bag popcorn, cheese slice: 4 pts
Supper: 2 hamburgers (1/2 cup of beef so they're small) w/onion chive c.cheese on ww bread w/tomatoes,lettuce,ketchup. 1, yes 1, entire butternut squash, mushrooms, 1 baked sweet potato: 10
Dessert/Evening Snack: more popcorn, apple, cheese,chocolate (in rotation) approx 3 pts depending on which I chose that night.

37 PTS! Can you believe it? AND to top it off? The exercise I've done this week: taking the stairs when I get home. I live on the 11th floor, but still. Insufficient.

I startled myself when I snapped out of a mindless eating coma yesterday. An old,old habit came out of no where and bit me. I did make a rule that I'm not allowed to eat unless I'm sitting down and what do you know? I catch myself eating out of the fridge. The killer? I was picking at my lunch for the next day.

What on earth came over me? What caused this food trance?

Any thoughts on how my W.I will go on Sat? Any tips on what to do for the next 2 days to possibly cancel out my naughtiness?


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Yes, one word: WATER. As much as you can. Google water consumption, there are many sites that help calculate based on weight how much you should be drinking. I am supposed to drink 2.5--3.0 liters a day. I never reach that, but I aim for 2.5 and get in 2 most days. Water will flush out fat cells. I was also told that when I "felt" hungry, I should first have a full glass of water and wait ten minutes. Most of the time, the hunger would go away if it wasn't legitimate hunger.

HANG IN THERE! At least you recognized the behavior, that is half the battle.

blendergrl said...

Water Water Water... you can do a lot to rescue a bad week by flushing out your system. When I am feeling 'snacky' I drink a big glass of water first and then have my snack.. usually helps keep the consumption to a reasonable level.

Good luck!

nmburleson said...

Hmm I like the water suggestion! I'll have to give that a try. I wish I had some other advice to offer. I'm having days like that myself. Hang in there, we'll get back on track.

carla said...

bust on out of the trance starting TODAY. you can do it and have plenty of time to drink more waters and just feel BETTER in general before weigh matter what the scale says you just wanna FEEL GOOOOOOD (energetic. happy) saturday.

most important.


Jen said...

I agree with the other comments - WATER WATER WATER!
And realizing what you have done is a great start - good luck on Saturday!

Karyn said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm looking forward to following your journey.

carla said...

dont even fret about tomorrow....


butterfly said...

Thank you all for your support & advice. I drank about 8 500 ml bottles of water yesterday & I will do the same today. The feeling of full will definitely help as the candies fly around the office.

I won't break my head over a gain. It's been a while since I've had one anyway so it just means that I'll have a bigger loss next week. We'll see tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!!

Devillerbhq said...

I agree with the other comments - WATER WATER WATER! And realizing what you have done is a great start - good luck on Saturday!