Monday, November 17, 2008

6 Week Challenge is On, and other random thoughts

Alright, seems that my group of girls are on a mission to shed 10 lbs by Dec 27, 2008!

If anyone wants to follow along "virtually" please,please do! Feel free to: Right Click on the image on the right, save as, and post to your blog.

On a higher note, the Smart For Life fainting girl did have an awakening. She's finishing off her 7 packs of cookies and she's decided to, guess what... join Weight Watchers. She asked me today if sushi was allowed on Weight Watchers. I responded with an enthusiastic " Girlfriend, you can eat a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g you want". This is about fixing what's between your ears and then transforming your body. Weight Watchers teaches us what thin people already know: moderation. A great example: my mother. I can remember years back going for breakfast with my parents and this particular moment was permanently etched in my mind. I ordered breakfast with the works. One of those "construction worker" combos. My mother ordered a bagel with cream cheese. As I'm writing this I'm picturing the waitress placing the bagel in front of my mom. The bagel had about an inch and a half of cream cheese in between. I drooled. My mother? no no. My mothers exact words were " Oh my, this is far too much". She then proceeded to start scraping off the cream cheese! If it were me, I would have said Woo-hoo in a very Homer Simpson'esque way and devoured it. How could there be such a thing as too much cream cheese?

One of my friends who is also a WW member told me about an incident the other night where she made dinner for her boyfriend. Just as she set his place in front of him, his eyes popped out of his head. " Oh, there's way too much on my plate" he explained. How have I never in my life sincerely thought that there was too much on my plate? Why, if it's on my plate it's meant to be eaten of course.

How after years of watching my mothers eating habits did I not catch on? How did I not learn this? Both of my parents eat like birds. They never finish what is on their plates. It's always too much. It's always so rich. How did I not learn moderation from the same people that taught me how to eat,speak,walk,read etc etc??

Whenever people would refuse cake at a birthday, I sincerely believed that they were full. My aunts will always say " I'm so stuffed, I'll just have the tiniest of the tiniest piece". As a kid I just assumed that grown-ups didn't like icing. Little did I know that they probably secretly fantasized about licking the inside of the Betty Crocker frosting container just as much as I did. I truly believed that they just either didn't like sweets, or they had stomachs the same size as those of grasshoppers. I, on the other hand, had the food storing capabilities of a cross between a camel and a hamster and would never turn down a second slice or two.

I'm learning


Amy S. said...

Very honest post. I too need to learn to listen to my body. In fact, I seem resentful when my hubby can load his plate full, but I carefully measure and my plate looks so empty (even using a smaller plate). But, when I'm done with that plate, I'm full. I would eat twice as much if I hadn't measured. It makes no sense, but I'm glad we are taking our moderation into our own hands. Woo Hoo for us.

Karen said...

Moderation is the hardest thing for me. Since I had gastric bypass it is easier. But I still find that if I am not really thinking about, I will eat enough to make myself sick. It is crazy.

carla said...

this all made me think of the book EAT CAKE.

have you read it? it is fiction but interesting and real life applicable none the less.


Fat4Now said...

Great read :)
good luck with your challenge
I dont think there is a single grown up around that hasnt licked the basin at least once when parents or grandparents baking cakes lol.

Linked you up and will keep popping by to see how you're doing

Natalia -Embracing the Weight Loss Journey said...

Oh my I'm with you on this one. I would have had to have eaten all the cream cheese on that bagel and it would NOT have counted because I didn't put it there! LOL Moderation is hard!

carla said...

keep me posted if you attempt my pancakes...just made em and thought of you.

they're chock full of proteiny goodness :)

Karyn said...

Great post!

I love this line:
"This is about fixing what's between your ears and then transforming your body."

So true.

In learning moderation, we are really learning to live well. That is my goal.

SeaShore said...

I can identify with this post! I'm just now figuring these things out as well.