Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot Date and Lost Weight...

Ok,so not what you're all thinking!! I realized that the title may be a little misleading. Date was awesome. He actually had to bail on me on Thursday, so we went out last night instead. I completely understand him bailing despite everyone else's opinion (everyone being my group of girlfriends). We both work in finance, however he is in sales. If one client is late, it bumps the next appointment and the next and so on.

What can I say about the dude. Well to start, he was 15 minutes late. I was sitting alone at the bar, and the bartender asked me if I was waiting for someone. I said yes and that they were running late. The bartender got quite feisty and started going on and on about how that so isn't cool on a first date and that it's a complete lack of respect, yadda,yadda,yadda... I did fully agree, but again in this industry you're totally dependant on your clients times.

When he walked in, my jaw hit the floor. He belongs on the cover of a harlequin complete with horse & beach. Total Mr. McDreamy. I was already on my second drink when he got there so I was completely relaxed. We did not stop talking. It was absolutely fantastic. We spoke about everything under the sun and I was completely at ease with him. I did make sure to take some mental notes though. Not much passes under my radar!

First note that I found strange: He paid for his beer by debit. Don't ask me why I found this strange, but at happy hour 2 beer cost $6.00. Why did he not have $6.00 in cash? Second note: We had spoken before about skiing as he is an avid skier and I mentioned that I hadn't gone skiing since elementary school but intended on making it a goal this winter. He did not suggest ever taking me or going together. We spoke about it again last night, no mention. There was no mention of a second date. I look for that. When he finished his two beer, he explained that he wanted another beer, but not 2 as he was driving. He then asked me how much my drink had cost and if for the happy hour 2 for one special he could order one of my drinks and one beer. This caught me slightly off guard. I told him that I actually wouldn't mind having a beer and so he orders and pulls out the debit card once again. Now, I had my wallet stolen last January so I am extremely hesitant to walk around with cash. $200.00 - I won't do. $20, not an issue.

So we finished up our drinks and he had to get going. He asked me what what I was going to do that evening and I told him that I was going to stick around because a lot of my colleagues were at the bar and I was going to hang out with them for a bit. His parting words were " It was really great to meet you. I had a great time. We'll be in touch. I have a lot to do this week end but I'll give you a call yadda,yadda,yadda". I told him that it was great to meet him as well and that he was really entertaining. We parted ways and he headed for the washroom. I walked over to see some of the girls from work who saw me but didn't interrupt and were dying to know who I was talking to. On his way out he puts his hand on my shoulder and says bye once again. Pretty cute.

All this being said, I'm not sure if he was that interested. When a guy is interested, there usually isn't any confusion and it's pretty clear. This guy, not so sure. I'd love to see him again in a different setting, but frankly I'm not so sure it was mutual.

On a concrete and non-uncertain note, I was down 2.2 at this mornings' weigh in bringing me in to total of 61.4 lbs!! YAY!!!

The Santa Claus Parade is going on right outside my door. I'm not really in the mood for French Christmas carols right now so I'm going to blast my own music to drown out the outside and clean my place.

Have a great weekend everyone!


MeltingLisa said...

First of all yay on the loss!!! Well done.

I was smiling to myself reading about your date, in some ways I am jealous of that feeling, the butterflies, the unknown, getting to know someone, but on the other end of the scale, the uncertainty the mind games ... oooo I don't miss those!

Sound like you had a good evening, oh I often end up paying for samll things on debit, mainly because my kids clear me out of any cash I have! But don't read too much into it.

If he calls, it was meant to progress .. if not yay move onto next exciting first date!

Karen said...

Doing that blind date thing is so hard. It takes guts just to try and I am proud of you.

Jen said...

wtg on the loss -thats great!

I can't imagine dating right now - it must be so hard. I hope he is interested in you -since he was so hot! lol

Fat4Now said...

Hope you get a 2nd date as he sounds cool.

But if not then don't worry. You have crossed a barrier and now have no nerves about dipping your toe back into the dating world.

Good or bad its sometimes just getting the 1st one out the way that is a valuable part of the journey.

Don't sweat it about size. I think you look absolutely fabulous :)

Fat4Now said...

ps linked you up
appreciate same x

Carolyn said...

I'd chalk it up to a nice time with a stranger, but if he's not seeming interested, he migh tnot be. Keep in mind TOO though, that my hubby, for instance, seemed like a totally strange guy with no real emotion at all... so he never seeemed interested, until he grabbed me for a hug and shocked hte hell outta me! So, he's either socially stupid, or just not that interested. Hard to say, really. But glad to hear you had a good time!! :D
And yoru loss... 62? FREAKING A! That's amazing! Keep it goign, chiquita!! that's so great!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

CONGRATS on both counts my friend. You kept it in perspective and thought it through logically. In my case, the guy DOES mention next time, DOES mention that special activity we have in common that we should do together, and STILL doesn't call. I'd rather have it your way than to think the guy was interested only to have him never call.

Your pounds since October 20 have been added to the challenge page. Take a look to see that they're accurate! :-)

Natalia said...

Congratulations on the loss! 2.2 Woo Hoo!!!! :)

As far as the debit card thing, I wouldn't read too much into that. I have a tendency not to carry any cash at all. Maybe he didn't have time to stop at the bank.

I think it was nice that he said goodbye to you again on his way out. It sounds like you had a good time. :)

His loss if he doesn't call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karyn said...

Congrats on the loss!

Glad you had a good time on your blind date....I was wondering how it went.

Anonymous said...

61.4...WOO-HOO! You are kicking ass girl!

Glad to see you had a pleasent first date. I've been on a few and they can be hard to read into. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll hear from him for a second date!(if not it's his loss!)

theantijared said...

Great job on losing the weight so far!!!! Your blog is very inspiring! Nice date as well.
Check out my blog if ya get bored.

Amy S. said...

The 60 lb mark. Hooray. Way to go girl. You deserve that. Congratulations.

No comment on the date, sounds like a wait and see situation. First impressions mean a lot though, and you seem iffy.

Christinaxqlj said...

Doing that blind date thing is so hard. It takes guts just to try and I am proud of you.