Friday, November 14, 2008

WW products

I've noticed that the Weight Watchers bread has been rather hit & miss lately. Sometimes the bread seems to be a little more dense than usual and really fresh. Then there are times like today, that I end up with a loaf with a huge hole in the middle of each slice. The slices are small enough as it is. I could really do without the missing piece!

Does anyone know of any other breads that count for 1 pt for two slices? WW bread seems to be the only kind that I could find that boasts the low amount of points for two slices. Now granted, two slices equates to 1 regular slice of bread, but psychologically it just seems more because it's two.

I also must announce that I am completely and officially obsessed with Almond Breeze. How I have only tried it now is beyond me. It is simply divine. I bought the sweetened vanilla & chocolate. Talk about something yummy to drink straight from the carton. Don't worry, I live alone. I'm not spreading cooties!

Anyone have any yummy/low point suggestions for my big grocery order this week end?

I'm going out for dinner tonight to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I can't wait. I can wait for the W.I tomorrow however, I've been biting my nails....


~ Nikisha said...

I cant remember what the company is....but the bread is called Body Wise.
It is thin slices like WW and is 1pt for 2 slices.

Amy S. said...

Good luck with your weigh in and enjoy your Mexican dining experience. I'm too much of a chicken to try the Almond Breeze, ahhh, maybe someday.

nmburleson said...

Nature's Own makes a whole wheat bread that is 100 calories for 2 slices 2grams fat 4 grams fiber I think that's 1 pt! :)

SeaShore said...

If you're eating out tonight and weighing in tomorrow remember not to be too hard on yourself if the scale isn't as kind as you expected. I always go up from restaurant sodium!

Enjoy yourself!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

I'm not eating any bread, so I don't know name brands, but I do know a site I like a lot, because they give you the nutrition label right on the site so you see it all before you buy: search the low carb and all natural stuff. Let me know if you find anything!